Human Resources (HR)

Human Resources (HR) supports schools and colleges to make the most of the commitment, skills and capabilities of all the people working for the school. The main objectives is to provide consistent advice on new and changing policies, procedures and initiatives and to monitor, assess and advise on the implications of UK and EU employment legislation.

Multi-academy Trusts pay and grading guidance

The guidance below has been written specifically for multi-academy trusts (MATs). This guidance has been produced to assist MATs in carrying out pay and grading reviews for school support staff. It does not apply to teaching staff.

Useful Documents 

  • Burgundy Book - Conditions of Service for School Teachers in England and Wales
  • Green Book - National Agreement on Pay and Conditions of Service for Support Staff

WF Traded Services 

WF Traded Services enable head teachers, middle leaders and governing bodies to manage and lead their staff to achieve the best outcomes for pupils and students. Their advice is grounded in the local educational and political context and they will advise and support on all HR matters and represent you at hearings where possible. They will provide a named HR consultant whom will provide your school with specialist employee relation support. For a detailed guide on what you can expect from the HR Traded Service, you can download the HR Service Specification 2020-21. 


Job Descriptions

These particular job descriptions were evaluated and moderated under 'single status'. 



Recruitment templates

We have a range of documents available to support your recruitment. 


  • Model Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedure (For School-Based Employees)
  • Appendix 1 Request for schools vacancy advertisement
  • Appendix 2 (a) Teaching application form
  • Appendix 2 (b) Support staff application form
  • Appendix 3 Job description
  • Appendix 4 Person specification
  • Appendix 5 Short-listing assessment form
  • Appendix 6 Policy statement on recruiting ex-offenders
  • Appendix 7 Invitation to Interview
  • Appendix 8 Interview Assessment Form
  • Appendix 9 Sample Competence Safeguarding Interview Questions
  • Appendix 10 Conditional Offer Letter
  • Appendix 11 Prohibition Checks
  • Appendix 12 (a) Reference request letter
  • Appendix 12 (b) Reference request pro-forma
  • Appendix 13 (a) Positive Disclosure - guidance
  • Appendix 13 (b) Positive Disclosure - flowchart
  • Appendix 14 DBS – Risk Assessment Form
  • Appendix 15 Disqualification by Association New Starter Declaration
  • Appendix 16 Appointing Qualified Teachers
  • Appendix 17 Applicant Guide to illegal working – guidance for school and applicant
  • Appendix 18 New Employee Recruitment Checklist
  • Appendix 19 Exit interviews
  • Appendix 20 Flowchart for Safer Recruitment
  • Appendix 21 Equal Opportunity Policy Statement
  • Appendix 22 Equality Act 2010 Overview
  • Appendix 23 Guidance notes & information for newly appointed staff
  • APPENDIX A - Equal Opportunity policy statement