There are various rules your school should follow when buying goods and services for your school. On this page you will find a range of useful documents and websites to guide you to procuring goods and services effectively. 

The London Borough Of Waltham Forest's Supply Chain Department will support schools with their procurement activities, for example, identifying commercial and cost saving opportunities, sharing knowledge and advice, highlighting collaborative options and identifying pre-existing available contracts.

The Council, in conjunction with the Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) and 40 other member organisations across the UK, have worked collaboratively to create contracts that schools can access, across a huge range of products and services, at reduced market rates.

How this partnership can benefit your school

In addition to the above options, the experienced team of procurement professionals here at Waltham Forest, can run and manage the complete tender or request for quotes process, for your school's higher levels of spend, including EU compliant tendering activities, if existing contract options are not suitable.

You can find further details about this service in WF Online (log-in required).

Useful procurement documents and websites

  • DfE guidance documents for schools on buying goods and services effectively - these describe the rules schools should follow
  • guidance on buying and managing public sector goods and services - schools are required to comply with these public contracts regulations
  • Waltham Forest Traded Services offers procurement support for your schools. They can provide an expert Schools Procurement Manager to support your procurement activities and ensure you obtain the best value for money
  • Waltham Forest Council's procurement manual for schools - this should be followed when procuring goods and services to ensure value for money and fairness. 

The Waltham Forest Council's procurement manual includes some more general advice that might not be relevant to schools. It should be read in conjunction with the Council's School Finance Regulations.

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