Benefits of working in Waltham Forest

There are a number of policies and procedures that relate to the pay and benefits offered to Waltham Forest Council staff, including school staff working in maintained and voluntary aided (VA) schools. 

Employees who work at Academies that purchase the service will have access to Care First.

Childcare Vouchers

Childcare vouchers were created to help parents afford childcare and return to work. If you are a parent, make sure you are not missing out on substantial tax savings. The Council's Childcare Voucher provider is currently P&MM Employee Benefits.

Visit the Sodexo website for further information.

Care First Employee Assistance Programme

Care First offer an Employee Assistance Programme for all employees where schools have purchased this. The service is provided by professionally qualified counsellors and information specialists who are experienced in helping people to deal with all kinds of practical and emotional issues such as wellbeing, family matters, relationships, debt management, workplace issues, and much more.

To purchase this service or if you would like more information, please contact the schools HR Helpdesk:

For information on the Cycle to Work Scheme and Eye Tests please visit the council's staff benefit page. 

Cycle to Work Scheme

The cycle benefits scheme gives you access to a Tax and NI Free salary sacrifice arrangement that gives you a super cost-effective way of getting a brand-new bike, cycling equipment or both. Further information can be found via here.

Eye Tests and Glasses

If you regularly use display screen equipment at work for at least half an hour a day, you're entitled to:

  • reasonable paid time off to attend an optometrist for testing
  • reimbursement of the cost of the test up to £20
  • further retesting at one-year intervals (unless otherwise directed by your optometrist)

The school will pay up to £50 for lenses and frames that can be prescribed for you to work on display screen equipment, subject to:

  • this being the sole purpose of the lenses and frames
  • an optometrist’s report

To claim for an eye test or glasses a form will need to be completed and approved by the school. A template has been provided for your use.

Last update: Wednesday 18th of October 2023 09:46:55 AM