Early Years SEND Pathways

Children aged up to five who are or are not attending an Early Years Provision may be eligible to access different pathways to support their learning, development and health needs. This page provides an outline of these pathways.

Early Years SEND Home Visiting Pathway

The Early Years SEND Home Visiting Pathway is for children with significant health difficulties or developmental delay from birth to five and their families. It is free and for Waltham Forest children who are not yet attending an Early Years Provision (nursery, school nursery, preschool or childminder). Children must be referred to the Early Years SEND Home Visiting Pathway by a health professional.

An Early Years SEND Home Visitor will offer children and their family a package of support based on their individual needs. This will include monthly or fortnightly sessions at home – currently this is being offered virtually due to COVID-19. During these they will offer play-based activities to promote learning and development and fully involve parents in this process.

An Early Years SEND Home Visitor will also support families smooth transition to an Early Years Provision. They will work closely with SENCOs and Area SENCOs to ensure documentation is shared with the child’s new provision. SEN Inclusion Fund (SENIF) will also be approved, if appropriate, and in place for the child’s start date.

More information about the Early Years SEND Home Visiting Pathway can be found here on the Local Offer.

If you want to contact the Early Years and Childcare Team about the Early Years SEND Home Visiting Pathway email EYPathways@walthamforest.gov.uk

Two year old Partnership Pathway

The two year old Partnership Pathway has been developed jointly by the Local Authority, Health, Early Help and Children and Family Centre services. The intention of this pathway is to give Waltham Forest families the best start in their children’s lives by working together and using or collective knowledge and expertise to:

  • Identify children who have developmental delay
  • Identify families that would benefit from additional support
  • Provide information about and encourage the use of universal services
  • Empower families in their role as the prime educators of their children and the major influence on their child’s learning
  • Offer holistic support and timely and appropriate intervention services
  • Make appropriate, timely and quality referrals to targeted & specialist services
  • Encourage the take up of early education services in a School or Ofsted registered childcare provision

Every professional has a unique role to play but we are part of a holistic ‘think family’ support framework, working together as one around the family.

For full details of the pathway and how families and children should fully access all universal services, visit the partnership pathway page and download the two year old Partnership Pathway poster.

Two year old’s who are eligible for a free early education entitlement (FEEE) can take up their place at a childcare provider who can apply for SENIF if further funding is required to support the child in the setting.

Two year old’s who are not eligible for FEEE and their family have engaged with a 3 month package of support at a Waltham Forest Children and Family Centre and if the child has over 6 months developmental delay – the child’s allocated key worker at the Children and Family Centre will consider making an application to the Early Years and Childcare Team’s 2YO SEND non-FEEE Panel to support them in taking up a place with a childcare provider.

The 2YO SEND non-FEEE place consists of the family paying for up to 6 hours of childcare at a standard hourly rate – this is then topped up by the 2YO SEND non-FEEE Panel. This additional funding is provided to the childcare provider to support the child’s learning and development needs. The panel provides a top up to this standard hourly rate for a maximum of 6 hours that the parent pays for, however it is the parents’ choice on the number of hours they would like to pay for childcare. For example, if the parent chooses to pay for 3 hours – 3 hours will be topped up, if the family choose to pay for 15 hours – the maximum of 6 hours will be topped up.

If 2YO SEND non-FEEE funding is approved by the panel the parents/carers must share their panel outcomes letter to their chosen childcare provider to request their place. If as a childcare provider you receive this letter from a parent you must notify the Early Years, Childcare and Business Development Service at EYSEND.Panel@walthamforest.gov.uk to receive the funding. If the 2YO SEND non-FEEE funding ends while the child is still a 2 year old at the setting, it is the settings responsibility to reapply for the funding using the review form.


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