Early Years Financial Guidance

Each year Waltham Forest Council updates its local financial guidance for FEEE providers, all FEEE providers are strongly encouraged to read these documents carefully.

FEEE financial guidance 2024-25

The documents below are appendices from the Early Years Funding Formula report presented to Schools Forum on 7th February and provide details of the final hourly rates and indicative budgets for all setting for the 2024-25 financial year.

FEEE financial guidance 2023-24

The next section of downloads is our guidance for 2023-24 comprising the following:


EYSFF Payment Term and Conditions 


Accurately estimating FEEE income for your school/setting

Being able to accurately calculate the amount of FEEE funding your school or setting will receive based on the number of children you estimate will take up a place has always been important in order to support short and long term budget planning and financial sustainability. However with the expansion of the FEEE offer during financial year 2024/25 to children from 9 months old, it is more important than ever, and particularly if you are considering delivering FEEE places to an age range of children that you may not have provided places to before. 

In order to assist schools and settings with this we have developed two FEEE income calculators, one which covers the existing entitlements from Summer Term 2023 to Spring Term 2024 and one that covers the financial 2024/25 (Summer Term 2024 to Spring Term 2025), which includes the new entitlement of 15 hours per week from April 2024 for 2 year old children from working families and the new entitlement of 15 hours per week from Sept 2024 for 9 month old children.  You can find these calculators in the download section below. Please remember all children are eligible from the term after their eligible birthday.

Digital Parental Declaration Form for Free Early Education Entitlement (FEEE)

Childcare Providers must ensure that a Parental Declaration Form is completed for all children accessing the free early education entitlement. This digital parental declaration form should be completed by the childcare provider on behalf of parents/carers based on the information provided during registration.


  1. The childcare provider completes the form using the information given by the parent/carer.
  2. The completed form is sent to the parent/carer’s email address for their signature.
  3. If the parent/carer does not sign off on the information, the form will be returned to the childcare provider for updates.
  4. Once the form is signed by the parent/carer, it will also need to be signed by the childcare provider.
  5. A copy of the completed form will be sent to both the parent/carer and the childcare provider via email for record purposes.

You do not need to sign in or create an account to complete this digital form. You can download a copy of the form for your reference, but information must be entered through the link provided here: Waltham Forest Parent Declaration for the Free Early Education Entitlement.


Example FEEE invoice to parents


Terms and Conditions - Fees and charges policy prompts


Example Fees and Charges Document 50 wk options


Example Fees and Charges 38 and 48 wk options


FEEE Income Calculator summer term 2023 to spring term 2024


FEEE Income calculator summer term 2024 to spring term 2025


Parental Declaration Form 2024


FEEE User Guides

How to establish the IDACI bandings of child postcodes


For any queries relating to FEEE funding and submitting headcounts, please contact 020 8496 3565.

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