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The Schools Forum is administered by the local authority. The forum runs consultations and makes decisions on how some of the schools funding is distributed. This page provides information on the forum and forum representative's responsibilities, how funding payments are made and the minutes of past meetings. 

Responsibilities of the forum

Each year local authorities receive the Designated Schools Grant (DSG) from the Secretary of State which must be used in support of early years and schools.

To ensure fair and transparent distribution, the forum decides:

  • how much funding may be retained by the local authority within the dedicated schools grant (for example, providing an admissions service, or providing additional funding for growing schools)
  • any proposals to carry forward deficits on central spend from one year to the next
  • proposals to de-delegate funding from maintained primary and secondary schools (for example, for staff supply cover, insurance, behaviour support)
  • changes to the scheme of financial management

The forum also acts in a consultative role for:

  • changes to the local funding formula (the local authority makes the final decision)
  • proposed changes to the operation of the minimum funding guarantee
  • changes to or new contracts affecting schools (school meals, for example)
  • arrangements for pupils with special educational needs in pupil referral units, and in early years provision

Responsibilities for Schools Forum

Schools Forum is made up of representatives from early years, schools and 16 to 19 education providers. Representatives from schools and academies (including free schools) should be roughly proportionate to the number of children in each sector.

Check the current representatives for your sector

They should:

  • canvas the views of their sector and give feedback to those they represent
  • represent the interests of their peer group rather than the interests of their own individual school or provision

When electing the schools forum representative for your sector you should ensure that:

  • they are competent to advocate on your behalf
  • they are aware of schools forum business and make their views known about decisions affecting early years and schools’ finance

How often does the forum meet?

Full Schools Forum meets monthly between September and February for approximately two to three hours. Occasionally additional meetings may be required.

In addition to the full meetings, schools forum will often ask representatives to be part of a ‘Task and Finish Group’, set up to look into specific areas of funding and bring recommendations back to the full forum to vote on.

Payments of agreed funding

Once the Schools Forum have agreed how the funding will be distributed for the oncoming year this funding formula will be used across all schools within Waltham Forest.

Academies receive their budgets (based on the locally agreed formula) directly from central government, whilst the local authority is responsible for distributing the funding directly to maintained schools.

Find out how Schools Forum have agreed to distribute funding for the 2019-20 financial year.

The local authority is also responsible for making direct payments to all schools for:

  • top up funding for high needs pupils
  • Early Years Designated Schools Grant (EYDSG)
  • excluded pupils funding
  • allocations of the local authorities growth fund or falling rolls funds

Further information on the obligations and duties of the Schools Forum can be found on

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