Healthy Relationships

Much of one’s understanding about what constitutes healthy relationships with friends, family and romantic partners is developed in childhood and adolescence. Unhealthy relationships can put a young person’s safety and physical and mental health at risk. As part of a local Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) prevention programme, the Council and its expert partners have drawn together a range of resources both for staff to use themselves to learn about VAWG, and for staff to use with pupils in the classroom.

Our VAWG resource pack for teachers includes information about the local and national resources available, as well as a guide to reviewing school policy and a list of trusted support services.

Educational Videos

Waltham Forest and its delivery partners worked together to produce four short videos, on a range of VAWG topics, aimed at teachers. These videos summarise key facts about these issues and give practical tips for addressing them in school.

Watch videos here:


Educational Presentations

A range of organisations, including the expert delivery partners from the Waltham Forest VAWG prevention programme, have produced educational presentations about different aspects of VAWG, aimed at teachers. These were made to be delivered to an audience in person, but are valuable resources in their own right. Click to access presentations on:

Lesson plans and School Materials

Delivery partners from the Waltham Forest VAWG prevention project have produced a range of lesson plans and other materials which can be used to structure discussions about healthy relationships in the classroom.

Lesson plans:

Other resources:

Find more information about Violence and Safeguarding on the Hub’s Safeguarding and Welfare page. Find out more about VAWG and where to go for support on the Council’s VAWG page. If you want to talk to a trained domestic abuse specialist call the following free 24/7 domestic abuse helpline on 0808 2000 247. For online support and advice visit our local domestic and sexual abuse service at Solace Women's Aid.

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