Mental Health Charter

On Thursday 10 October 2019, Waltham Forest council and partners launched the Young People’s Mental Health Charter. The charter consists of twenty statements of intent, detailing ways in which different organisations and individuals can foster good mental health in young people.

The charter has been co-produced with the council’s Public Health and education teams, schools, organisations, services and local young people. 

A child's mental health is just as important as their physical health and deserves the same quality of support.
- The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton

The commitments in the charter depend on a wide range of bodies including NHS services, council services, voluntary sector organisations, youth health champions and schools.

Schools that sign-up to the charter (with the assistance of the Healthy Schools team) commit to providing:

  • safe spaces in schools for pupils
  • a peer listening or buddy scheme
  • lessons, assemblies and activities on mental health throughout the year
  • engagement with mental health professionals

Schools which sign up to the Charter will receive a copy of a poster to showcase in their setting and a detailed guidance pack with additional information about how each commitment can be achieved and what resources are available to help. 

Schools can further develop their support for young people’s mental health by completing the Mentally Healthy Schools Checklist to achieve the Waltham Forest Mentally Healthy Schools Award. Successful schools will receive a certificate and will be listed on a Mental Health page on the Hub. This award does not replace, but exists in addition to the Healthy Schools London Awards.

The flowchart provides a guide to the process.

To sign up to the Charter and for any queries, please email Catherine Hutchinson, Healthy Schools Lead.

Schools and Organisations signed up:

  • Our Lady and St Georges OCSG
  • Willowfield
  • Jenny Hammond
  • Thorpe Hall
  • Kelmscott
  • George Mitchell
  • Mission Grove
  • Hawkswood Group
  • Forest
  • Frederick Bremer
  • Buxton
  • Connaught
  • Edinburgh
  • Sybourn
  • Dawlish Primary School
  • Gwyn Jones Primary
  • Greenleaf
  • Hillyfield Primary School
  • Willow Brook Primary School Academy
  • Yardley Primary School
  • South Chinford Foundation
  • North Chingford Foundation
  • St Joseph's RC Infant School
  • Ainslie Wood School 
  • Thomas Gamuel Primary
  • Woodside Primary Academy
  • Henry Maynard
  • Waltham Forest Academy
  • Yardley
  • Barncroft
  • Parkside
  • Edinburgh
  • St Patricks Catholic
  • Whittingham Primary Academy
  • Lammas Secondary and Sixth Form
  • George Tomlinson Primary School
  • Coppermill Primary School
  • Chapel End Infant School
  • Jenny Hammond
  • Newport Primary School
  • Oakhill Primary School
  • Forest School


  • Whipps Cross Hospital and Home Teaching Service
  • Organiclea
  • The Samaritans
  • YAG
  • WE London / team London
  • School Nursing (NELFT)
  • CCG
  • Sports and Leisure Services
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