Tesco Community Grants - November 2023


As part of the Tesco Community Grant at Groundwork London, they are offering the chance to get up to £1500 for your project. 

The Grant has a focus on Children's and Young People's projects and is open to schools, PTA's Voluntary and community organisations.

The application process is very straight forward. It's designed to be quick and easy, taking as little as 15 minutes to complete. Shortlisted projects are displayed in their local Tesco stores for a 3 month voting period, and the top placed project will receive up to £1500, the 2nd - £1000 and the 3rd - £500. Funding must be used within a year. Previous winners are free to re-apply.

Please get your application in before Monday 20 November 2023 to get a much higher chance of your project being selected. 

Apply here


The stores that have the fewest applications (where there is less competition and you have the strongest chance of winning) are listed below.

How to maximise your chances:

  • Apply twice to one of stores below from each list (A and B) (you can just repeat the application answers) (as long as you have beneficiaries near those stores).

  • If you (or someone connected to your organisation) who is a Tesco employee is happy to nominate your project, ask them to do this.

List A

Store name


Leyton Express

E17 9DZ


E11 1HT


E10 7AA

Walthamstow Express

E17 9AA

Tower Mews Wmstow Exp

E17 7LP

Walthamstow Fores Exp

E17 6JR

Leyton Hi Rd Exp

E10 5NA

Ldn Lea Bridge Rd Exp

E10 7EA

Hi Rd Leytonstone Exp

E11 4PB

Walthmstw St Jams Exp

E17 7PF

Walthamstow Forest Rd

E17 4NE

Walthmstw Wd Strt Exp

E17 3HT

List B

Store name


New Rd Chingford Exp

E4 9EY

Highams Park

E4 9EF

Chingford Exp

E4 7BE

Mnt Rd Chingford Exp

E4 8LJ