Making Change Happen: a celebration of our work to end violence against women and girls

Since February 2022, Waltham Forest Council has led an innovative approach as part of our work to prevent and end all violence against women and girls (VAWG). This work has included: facilitating training and supporting local businesses and communities to disrupt misogyny and VAWG; providing advice and casework support to survivors; creating a street harassment reporting app; and working with schools and colleges to prevent and address VAWG and misogyny. We are committed to making Waltham Forest a borough where all women and girls feel and are safe, and where everyone knows that any form of violence against women and girls is not tolerated in our workplaces, schools, or any parts of our communities. We believe that we all have the right to go where we want, wearing what we want, with whoever we want to be with, and that children have the right to grow and be in their education without fearing or experiencing abuse and violence. 

Please join us on Wednesday 6 December 2023, 6pm to 8pm as we celebrate the work that has been carried out across the borough over the past two years. This free event will include:

  • A variety of performances from local artists.
  • A panel discussion by members of Waltham Forest communities on what it means to disrupt misogyny and VAWG in our communities. 
  • A presentation of the interim report from our external evaluation team at London Metropolitan University. 
  • Networking opportunities with local organisations. 

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