Being Two - Supporting two year olds

Between the ages of 2-3 years children’s language and communication skills make huge developments. There is a huge development in their vocabulary and understanding of language at this time, and by the age of 3 years children are using short sentences and can engage in simple conversations with others. Communication and language skills are a prime area of development, and lay the foundations for many other skills.

Creating the right environment for 2 year olds

Working with two-year-olds is not easy. One moment they are trustful and endearing; the next, they throw their weight around like little teenagers, testing whether you really mean what you say. It's important to remain patient, to try to understand their viewpoint, to be consistent – and to keep your sense of humour!

The following tools are helpful in creating the right environment in your early years setting for 2 year olds. 

The Remember I'm 2 Audit Tool will help you to ensure that gaps within your provision are identified and plans are put in place to support quality provision and practice for two year olds.

Creating a Book Area

You can easily create book friendly spaces that maximise deep levels of engagement, where children are drawn in to pick up books, listen to and share stories. You could make it a comfy enticing, cosy space with an indoor tipee or lots of cushions and blankets and of course fill it with books they can reach and sit and look at whenever they want. 

The Being Two Project

High-quality effective early years provision has a significant impact on a two year old’s social, emotional and cognitive development and is a key factor in improving outcomes for children and families.

The Being two year old project is specifically designed for practitioners working with two years olds.

Over a four year cycle every setting in Waltham Forest will have the opportunity to take part.

Useful Resources for working with 2 year olds

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