Working with Families (0 to 5 years)

Guidance for practitioners to work effectively with families of young children aged 0 to 5 years. Including key information and signposting to relevant support ensuring every child has the opportunity for the best possible start in life. You will find links to fun meaningful home learning activities to ensure we are all working together to support our young children and their families across Waltham Forest.

With more children and families taking part in home learning due to the closure of settings/schools due to COVID-19, the Early Years team have increased the frequency of the online resources for families to support their child’s learning and development though the Learning Together Project. Continue to read below on how families can become involved in this project.

Chit-Chat Pitter-Pat

Chit-Chat Pitter-Pat is a home learning project across Waltham Forest. It offers a variety of sessions specifically focusing on sharing simple ideas to assist you to develop a child's language along with key opportunities for physical development.

For further information please join the Home Learning Group on Facebook and follow them on Instagram. 

Learning Together Project

Waltham Forest’s Early Years and Childcare Team has developed the Learning Together Project which has been created by qualified teachers and speech and language therapists in partnership with Chit Chat Pitter Pat. This programme includes top tips on how parents/carers can help their children with their development through fun activities at home.

For parents/carers to get involved and start learning together, they should join the Chit Chat Pitter Pat Facebook group and follow them on Instagram. For EY practitioners to learn more about the project they should join the All Talk Communication Project Facebook group.

Chit Chat Pitter Pat will share videos and photos of how to do the fun and exciting activities through weekly:

  • Top Tips Tuesdays - exciting activities to do together on an activities card.
  • Thumbs Up Thursdays - an opportunity to comment and show involvement.
  • Share day Saturdays - a chance to celebrate Learning Together activities.
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