Your Future, Your Choice online events to support Post 16 Options

The 16-17 Participation Service is pleased to launch a series of webinars designed to increase awareness of the Post 16 opportunities available.  

The online webinars will be held on 1 June, 6 July and 31 August at 11am or 2pm.

Topics covered will be aimed at year 11 leavers, year 12 leavers on 1 year courses, unemployed young people and parents and carers:

  • Post 16 Options
  • Apply for Apprenticeships
  • Application Forms
  • CV
  • Interview Skills
  • Preparing for results days for parents & carers
  • GCSE results day support

Parents and carers are welcome to register for sessions aimed at students.  

View the list of upcoming webinars.  

Webinars can be booked here.

All sessions will take place via Microsoft Teams.  If you require further information contact: