VegPower school visit to Jenny Hammond primary school

VegPower is the award-winning organisation who work to inspire children to love vegetables. They created Eat Them To Defeat Them in 2018, partnered with ITV and the campaign has successfully, with their schools programme encouraged an increase in the volume and variety of vegetables eaten by children.  

On Wednesday 28 February 2024, VegPower visited Jenny Hammond Primary School in Leytonstone. Due to the commitment of Waltham Forest Catering providing healthy and nutritious lunches and encouraging children to eat more vegetables, VegPower selected a school managed by Waltham Forest Catering to host one of their national promotional visits.

On arrival, the VegPower team set up a green screen and filmed year four and five students “chomping” on vegetables before getting involved with activities and games with year two classes before lunch.

For lunchtime, the Waltham Forest Catering provided an amazing tasting event with a feast for the eyes and a meal packed with tasty vegetables. Children even got up for a second plate! 

You can view VegPower’s school visit to Jenny Hammond school below.