NEU facilities arrangements for 2023/24

To all Headteachers/Principals

NEU facilities arrangements for 2023/24

Following their recent Annual General Meeting (AGM), I am writing to update you on the facilities time arrangements for the NEU for the coming year (up to end March 2024).

The NEU have advised that their AGM agreed the following appointments.

Joint Secretaries

  • Sandra Faria (Heathcote School) 1 day/week

  • Pablo Phillips (Connaught School for Girls) 2.5 days/week

Assistant Secretaries 

  • Mallainee Martin (Leytonstone School) 0.75 days/week

  • Robin Talbot (Heathcote School) 0.75 days/week

The NEU have advised that whenever there is an urgent matter that cannot be resolved in discussion with a school based NEU representative Headteachers should approach the Joint Secretaries in the first instance.

The relevant email contact addresses are;

The corresponding phone numbers are;

Sandra Faria - 07783 035213

Pablo Phillips - 07503 169 276