3. My Story

Reports will be required from the child, parents and school when it is decided to undergo an Education, Health and Care Assessment.

What happens in the assessment?

If it is agreed to start a statutory Education, Health and Care assessment,  the Local Authority will ask all the professionals involved and the family, to complete all the necessary assessment reports.  There is a statutory deadline of 6 weeks for the reports to be completed.

  1. The family will complete an 'All about me' report which provides good, quality person centred information that can be used to develop the EHC Plan.
  2. The child or young person can be supported to complete their 'All about Me’ information and this can be in a variety of formats dependent on the individual needs of the child/young person.
  3. Schools will complete the EHC educational advice Plan

Additional information to support the development of the EHC Plan can also be submitted:

  • Child or young person - One Page Profile
  • Schools SEN Support Plan

On receipt of all the reports the SEN Officer will meet with the family to go through all of the information and co-develop the EHC Plan.

Schools can ask to be involved in developing the EHC Plan and provide support to families and the SEN Officer.

Useful documents

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