Schools ICT

The Department for Education has initiatives to improve the use of technology in Education, for the Curriculum and School administration.The Education Technology available is vast and knowing what is best for your school is challenging. 

Best Practice

There are a range of ideas below for how school leaders can improve IT and manage costs.

  • Always relate the IT improvement to a whole school improvement
  • IT priorities should be set by the SLT to align with the School Plan (SIP or SDP)
  • Include IT training costs, there is no such thing as free IT
  • Have a detailed improvement plan for IT and review it annually
    • baseline the plan with the current state
    • list the planned improvements that are in budget
    • list the aspirational improvements that are not in budget
    • prioritise improvements based on the benefits to the school outcomes
  • Ask for support if you do not understand what the improvement is
  • Costs change, often reducing so shop around before you renew contracts or enter into new contracts
Last update: Wednesday 13th of May 2020 10:53:22 AM