IT - Cost Management

IT is used everywhere in school - whether teaching KS1 or KS5 students or in the school office - the school has a dependency on IT. It is crucial to have a clear understanding of how much the school spends on IT and that this is coded correctly on the financial software to enable monitoring and benchmarking.

Categorize IT costs

Ensure that you capture all IT costs, using the following three categories:

Category 1 - All of the infrastructure, the network cables, the servers, disks and routers, the Wi-Fi, the printers, the devices being used PC's, Laptops, Notepads, Internet only devices, Smart boards etc etc

Category 2 - All of the common applications such as word processing, email, MIS for registration, tracking, assessment, staff CPD etc

Category 3 - The IT used by specific subjects for example Design and Technology equipment, IT applications for Reading or Maths etc etc


IT inventory

  1. Set a baseline using the categories above to capture all IT expenses
  2. Use standard cost codes to ensure all costs are captured in the correct category
  3. Link to the IT improvement plan ensure that all costs have a line in your plan for improving, replacing or doing nothing against each item on the inventory
  4. Remove legacy items ensure you are not continuing to pay for software, insurance, etc for items that are no longer used or needed
  5. Check for duplication, for example you may be paying for a licence twice if it is included in a service cost.
  6. Conduct an audit annually as part of the budget review



  1. Adhere to procurement policies, these best practice guidelines can be applied to small purchases 
  2. Ensure multi-year contracts have review clauses to enable these to be renegotiated or cancelled, as necessary 
  3. Agree measurable service level agreements when buying into a service e.g IT technical support or Email, this will enable the school to assess whether the service is meeting the schools needs  
  4. Do not assume all students / staff need access to all software when buying licenses look at how many users there will actually be across the school as this may impact on the cost 


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