Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing and mental health can effect all aspects of a child's life, so it's important to be aware and support those in your educational setting. 

Social & Emotional learning: Supporting children and young people's mental health 

The Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) has published a policy briefing (Dec 2017) setting out the case for an increased emphasis on social and emotional learning in schools in England. The briefing calls for social and emotional learning to be given greater prominence within schools along with the implementation of high-quality social and emotional skills-based interventions within the context of a whole-school approach.

In particular the briefing argues mental health is associated with poor outcomes and that social and emotional learning is crucial in addressing this.

Stephanie Waddell's article outlines why ‘supporting children and young people’s mental health' is so important.

Promoting Positive Behaviour

Children flourish best when their personal, social and emotional needs are met by adults who support them with clear and developmentally appropriate expectations for their behaviour. As children continue to develop, they learn about boundaries along with the difference between right and wrong and to consider the views, feelings, the rights of others and the impact that their behaviour has on others.

To further explore this aspect of development  the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) are delivering an online course that explores

  • how behaviour is learnt
  • the adult’s role in supporting children
  • positive environments
  • strategies to promote positive behaviour

Access the free demo for this training.

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