Inclusion Forum

The Inclusion Forum is a discretionary sub group of Schools Forum created to provide strategic direction on a number of inclusion related matters including the use of the High Needs Budget (HNB). The forum is made of representatives from headteachers and leaders from early years, schools and 16 to 19 education providers.

Responsibilities of the forum

The local authority has a number of duties and responsibilities for social inclusion and SEND. The Inclusion Forum enables representatives to present and discuss the views and challenges facing their sector.

The representatives ensure transparency of decision making, help influence policies and strategic developments and contribute to the self-evaluation process.

The core function of the forum is to:

  • inform proposals for the use of the High Needs Block spend of DSG 
  • support and challenge the local authority‚Äôs arrangements for meeting SEND code of practice requirements and readiness for Ofsted inspection 
  • inform strategy for improving outcomes of learners with SEND and emotional, behavioural and mental health difficulties
  • inform the pattern of SEND provision across the borough.

The Inclusion Forum is supported by two key statutory panels:

Responsibilities of Inclusion Forum representatives

The Inclusion Forum is made up of representatives from early years, schools and 16 to 19 education providers.

They should:

  • canvas the views of their sector and give feedback to those they represent
  • represent the interests of their peer group, rather than the interests of their own individual school or provision

Current representatives for your sector

How often does the Inclusion Forum meet?

The Inclusion group meets on a monthly basis.

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