Green Screens (Reducing Air Pollution)

Waltham Forest Council’s Air Quality and Environment Protection team has worked with a number of schools near busy roads, to provide “green screens” between the playground and road, consisting of Ivy plants hanging in front of the fencing, around the school’s perimeter. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, the plants act as “pollution filter”.

Air pollution is a public health emergency and a major environmental risk to health. Research by King’s College London estimated it contributed to around 9,500 early deaths in 2010 in London, and it has been proven to cause illnesses ranging in severity from eczema and itchy eyes, through to cancer and lung disease.

The plants used in the green screen help absorb harmful pollutants, reducing exposure of children in the playground to air pollution as well as providing a better visual environment.

As part of the project to install green screens, they have also worked  with the schools to deliver an air pollution education programme. This included delivering a number of science based air pollution lessons to raise awareness of the risks that are associated with air pollution and the actions that can be taken to improve air quality.


The cost of this package is free, however schools need to be next to a main road. 

For more information, please contact Air Quality and Environment Protection Team on

Watch the video by Woodside Primary Academy on Green Screens.

Last update: Friday 25th of September 2020 11:15:12 AM