Anti-Idling (Reducing Air Pollution)

This scheme has been designed by the Air Quality and Environment Protection team to encourage parents to stop leaving their engine running whilst the car is parked, as it emits a significant amount of pollution into the air.

Air pollution is a public health emergency and a major environmental risk to health. Research by King’s College London estimated it contributed to around 9,500 early deaths in 2010 in London, and it has been proven to cause illnesses ranging in severity from eczema and itchy eyes, through to cancer and lung disease.

Idling vehicles cause completely unnecessary air pollution. Thus, main benefits of tackling idling are: improving the health of the communities, schools and the drivers themselves, and also saving latter money by reducing fuel consumption.

The team has worked with schools by running assemblies and workshops for children explaining the harm that air pollution causes as well as encouraging them to walk and cycle to school. If the parent needs to drive their children to school, the aim is to get across the important message that leaving the car engine running unnecessarily cause pollution that harms everyone’s health, including that of their own children… and it’s illegal!

We can organise patrols outside schools at the start and end of school, ideally involving with parents and community volunteers, and will approach drivers of idling vehicles asking them to turn off their engines and explaining the reason why it is important to do this. Remember the motto "Idling is Fuelish". 

Find out more on the London Schools Idling Action website.


The cost of this package is free. 

For more information, please contact Air Quality and Environment Protection team on:

Watch the Edinburgh Primary School video on Air Pollution and Idling.

Last update: Friday 25th of September 2020 11:12:06 AM