Tidy Up Britain: Eco-Schools (Eco-Warriors / Learning)

Eco-Schools is the largest educational programme on the planet, engaging millions of children across 67 countries. Implemented by Tidy Up Britain in England, it encourages students to actively protect their environment through pupil-led projects that involve the school and the community. Participating schools tend to produce less general waste, and consume less water and energy, thereby saving money. Furthermore, schools have noticed a positive impact on the pupils.

For over 25 years the programme has put young people at the heart of environmental education, empowering students to drive change and improve their environmental awareness by following a simple Seven Step framework in order to achieve an internationally-recognised Eco-Schools Green Flag accreditation.

Benefits include:

  • Children get the chance to plan and implement their own environmental actions and projects related to combating Climate Change.
  • Raising environmental awareness
  • Pupils are more confident, better behaved and developed their leadership skills
  • Improving school environment
  • Saving school money.

The Eco-Schools team are always available to provide support, advice and inspiration and registering for the Eco-Schools programme is completely free. When registered, schools have access to a whole host of age-appropriate, free resources to make your school’s journey to Eco-Schools Green Flag as smooth and positive as possible.

For more information you can email eco-schools or visit www.eco-schools.org.uk.

You can sign up to training which there is a charge for. Find out more here.


This is free to sign up to. (costs associated with teacher training). 

Watch the video on Eco-Schools. 

Last update: Friday 25th of September 2020 11:13:39 AM