Domestic Violence

There are children and young people living with the impact of Domestic Abuse across the country. In September 2017, Waltham Forest Council, Waltham Forest Safeguarding Children's Board and Waltham Forest Police introduced an initiative that allows key partners to work better together to safeguard these silent victims of domestic abuse.

Operation Encompass is an initiative that follows in the footsteps of a successful programme in Plymouth developed by Sgt David Carney Howarth (retired) and his wife Elizabeth Carney Howarth (Head Teacher). The purpose of this initiative is to safeguard and support children and young people following a domestic abuse incident where police have been called out.

Waltham Forest Operation Encompass aims to ensure that local schools/academies are notified when a child or young person has been present at a domestic abuse incident. This information will enable school staff to provide early support in a way that their pupil will feel safe and included in the school day.

Operation Encompass is built upon the development of Key Adults within each school/academy these are the named lead for receiving information from Police and ensuing the appropriate support is available for the child or young person.

Additional Domestic Violence Support

You will find a range of external support and advice for dealing with domestic violence below

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