School Streets (Green Travel)

School Streets is an initiative by the Highways and Traffic Management Team, to create safer streets by reducing traffic congestion and improving local air quality. It involves temporarily closing one or more roads surrounding a school to most vehicles for a short period at the start and end of the school day.

    The scheme works by making a street or several streets around a school temporarily become a pedestrian and cyclist only zone at set times in the morning and afternoon during term time only (not including bank holidays). Motor vehicles are not permitted to enter the street during the specified times unless they have a valid exemption. Any vehicle already inside the School Street Zone when the restriction begins will be able to leave without charge, and emergency services, residents, businesses and blue badge holders are exempt from the restrictions.

    Restrictions should have the following benefits for the school community and residents:

    • Improved road safety for all road users;
    • A reduction in anti-social behaviour from inconsiderate parking and dangerous vehicle movements;
    • Less vehicles on the school run, which will reduce traffic and make it easier for pupils, parents, carers and staff to walk, scoot and cycle to school;
    • Improved air quality around the school gates due to reduced vehicle idling.

    The Schools currently on the programme include:

    • George Mitchell Primary School
    • Willow Brook Primary school and St Joseph's Catholic Infant School
    • Henry Maynard Primary School and Our Lady and St George's Catholic Primary and Nursery School
    • The Jenny Hammond Primary School
    • Davies Lane Primary School
    • George Tomlinson Primary School
    • Hillyfield Primary Academy (Hill Site)
    • Hillyfield Primary Academy (Park Site) 
    • South Grove Primary School
    • Buxton School
    • The Winns Primary School
    • St Mary’s CofE School and Woodside Primary Academy (Bridge Site)
    • Woodside Primary Academy (Forest Site)
    • Dawlish Primary School
    • Newport School
    • Wyatt's Lane (Our Lady and St George's Catholic Primary and Nursery School - Upper Site and Holy Family Catholic School and Sixth Form). 
    • Connaught School for Girls 
    • St. Saviour's Church of England Primary School 
    • Riverley Primary School
    • Downsell Primary School
    • Mayville Primary School 
    • Greenleaf Primary School


    The cost of this package is free. 

    For more information, please contact:

    • Success Story

      The schemes are monitored in terms of air quality, road safety and travel behaviour to assess the success of the schemes. From our first School Street, we found that at Willow Brook Primary School there was a 20% increase in pupils walking, cycling and scooting to school and 12% decrease in pupils travelling to school by car as a result of the scheme.

      You can email School Streets for more information. 

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