Schools Facing Financial Challenge

Schools Facing Financial Challenge Action Groups form part of the strategic approach Waltham Forest has developed to ensure that the Local Authority fulfils its duties to promote high standards of education and fair access to education for all children and young people living and learning in the borough. 

Waltham Forest will form a 'School Facing Financial Challenge Action Group' for any maintained school highlighted to have significant, immediate or imminent financial challenge.

This supportive action, which aims to support schools to clarify the issues and seek the solutions required to ensure that children and young people are provided with the highest quality education, brings together leaders from key Council services and the school.

Accountability and responsibility for the running of the school remains, at all times, with the school leadership - the Action Group provide recommendations and supports them to take appropriate management actions.

For further information and support, please contact the Education Business Effectiveness Service.

Last update: Monday 17th of August 2020 11:01:27 AM