School Funding

Each year Schools Forum provide a set of principles upon which the Education Finance team use, alongside the requirements set out by the Department for Education (DfE). The LA and School Forum aim to ensure that no school or sector is disproportionately affected by decisions.   

In November and December 2018 Schools Forum agreed that when the LA set the 2019-20 School Budgets that they should aim to:

  • Move £1m from Free School Meals Ever 6 (FSM6) to Low Prior Attainment in each phase
  • Set the Minimum Funding Guarantee at 0%
  • Ensure that no school contributes to the cost of MFG more than 1% of its pre-MFG budget
  • Use any increase in funding for Age Weighted Pupil Unit (AWPU)
  • Implement new allocations for split sites and off-site sports provision
  • Set aside from the Growth Fund a maximum of £110,000 to support good schools with falling rolls.

The results of the budget modelling were presented to Schools Forum 13 February 2019 for approval alongside the indicative budgets for each school.  

All maintained schools will receive their Individual Budget Shares (IBS) from the Education Finance team by the end of February each year. This provides information on all income streams. 

Below outlines the average amounts of funding schools will receive in 2019-20:

Average funding for primary pupils 

Average pupil related funding*: £4,249.27

Average school factors**: £369.04

Average total per primary pupil: £4,618.31

Average funding for secondary pupils:

Average pupil related funding*: £5,830.17

Average school factors**: £422.23

Average total per secondary pupils: £6,252.40

Pupil related funding includes: AWPU/ Basic Entitlement; FSM Ever 6; IDACI; EAL; Low Prior Attainment and Mobility

**Schools Factors includes: Lump Sum; Split Sites; Rates; and Private Finance Initiative (PFI)

In addition, eligible schools will receive the following: 

The Growth Fund

The Growth fund is to compensate schools that are expanding . This is because the funding for these additional classes is lagged, as those additional pupils will not be recognised until the census for the following year.

The school will receive funding for 7/12’s(Sept – Mar) of the year for 25 average pupils.

The schools are minimum funded for 25 pupils and any pupils beyond this amount per class are funded the following year via a ‘backward look’.

Split Site funding

Split Site funding is to compensate schools for the additional costs associated with operating a school on more than one site. These costs can include transport of pupils or staff, additional facilities costs (IT, utilities), duplication of staff (reception, security).

Further Information

For further information please find the full reports from the Schools Forum.


Scheme for Financing Schools February 2019

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