Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs)

There are a number or resources that newly qualified teachers (NQTs) and school leaders should be aware of, including the induction process. 

Statutory Guidance

There are a number or resources that newly qualified teachers and school leaders should be aware of, including:

  • The induction process for newly qualified teachers (NQTs) is underpinned by DfE statutory guidance and school leaders should have regard to this guidance when running their inductions.

  • The Teachers' Standards apply to all teachers completing their statutory induction period.

Traded Service 

If as a school you subscribe to WF Traded Services you can access:

  • NQT handbook 2019-20
  • Embedding the principles of effective marking
  • NQT templates for the induction period 2019-20
  • Guidance on formal lesson observations 
  • NQT Welcome Event 
  • Statutory Induction Guidance 2018

Local contact

Waltham Forest Council has a dedicated NQT Coordinator. A wide range of local guidance documents to help schools meet their statutory responsibilities with regards to the induction of NQTs has been produced. If you have any further questions please contact Sylvia Harper, NQT Coordinator

NQT Training Programmes

You can find out more details about NQT training programmes available in the Borough by logging into WF Traded Services, including:

  • Davies Lane Teaching School's NQT Programme 2018-19
  • Hillyfield Primary Academy's NQT Programme 2019-20
  • Lime Trust Development & Training Programme for Teachers & NQTs 2018-19

NQT Manager

NQT Manager is Waltham Forest's online NQT support and induction management system. It allows you to register your NQTs and submit their electronic assessments securely online. Users logged into WF Traded Services can download guidance documents related to the system below, which include:

  • 'NQT Manager' Head Teacher User Manual
  • 'NQT Manager' Induction Coordinator User Manual
  • 'NQT Manager' FAQs

Induction relating to Irish Qualified Teachers

When logged into WF Traded Services you can download the below guidelines for induction in the UK relating to Irish qualified teachers, which include:

  • Induction Programme in UK for Irish qualified teachers
  • Form B - Certification of Post-Qualification Teaching Employment (PQE) in Non-Pilot Schools (POST-PRIMARY TEACHERS ONLY)
  • Form C - Notification of the Completion of the Probationary Condition (PRIMARY TEACHERS ONLY)

Please note: There is a time period (expiry date) for respective registration conditions. NQTs from Ireland are normally required to fulfil their registration conditions within three years of initial registration. Failures to satisfactorily fulfil conditions within the defined period of time may result in a teacher's registration lapsing.

The Form B will need to be filled in by a Secondary trainee teacher detailing that they have completed 300 hours of post-qualification employment (PQE) in the school. This will fulfil the requirements for the PQE condition. The induction guidelines are the same for post-primary teachers as they are for primary teachers. The trainee teacher will need to provide both a letter from their school detailing that they have completed an induction period and a letter from the appropriate body confirming the same. This will fulfil the requirements for the Induction condition.

The Form C will need to be completed by a Primary trainee teacher and submitted with a satisfactory statement of completion to the Teaching Council in Ireland.

Induction for Mentors 

Step by step instructions on Induction for Mentors.

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