Licensing rules including what is needed for children in entertainment licenses and chaperone licenses. 

Children in Entertainment Licensing

Any child taking part in a performance, which can include TV or filming, theatre, sporting activity or modelling, requires a performance licence (except in certain circumstances).

When is a licence needed?

In accordance with section 37 of the 1963 Act, a licence must be obtained before a child can take part in certain types of performance and activities in Great Britain. This includes:

  • A child receiving payment for the performance.
  • A performance requiring absence from school, even if the assignment is unpaid.

A licence is not required if the performance is unpaid, no school absence is required, the performance lasts for three days or fewer and the child has not performed within the previous six months.

The School's head teacher must determine whether an absence from school in order to take part in a performance, will negatively impact on the child's academic progress. If approval is not granted, the Local Authority will be unable to issue an entertainment licence.

Applications must be fully completed, signed with supporting document's; birth certificate, child protection or safeguarding policy, photo and school letter (if required). All applications must be submitted a minimum 21 days prior to date to avoid disappointment.

To apply for a Children in Entertainment Licence please complete the Children in Entertainment application form

Send the application to

Chaperone Licenses

Licence regulations stipulate that either a parent of the child performing or a named chaperone should be present at any place of performance. The BACME Service undertakes the Local Authorities statutory duty to assess applicants who wish to become chaperones, providing they reside within the authority. A current Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate will need to be seen as part of the assessment.

Anyone wishing to act in the capacity of a chaperone, other than the child's parent, will require a licence. All chaperones must be licensed by the local authority in which they live and should be able to produce their licence if required to do so whenever they are working.

Although the production company will be responsible for ensuring facilities meet the legal requirement for children, it is important to remember that the chaperone's overall responsibility is to the welfare of the child, and not to the director/producer. A Chaperones duty is to ensure the young person's welfare, such as appropriate working hours, meals and rest breaks.

If a child becomes unwell or is injured while in the charge of a chaperone, the licence holder must immediately notify the parent named in the application and consider whether medical assistance is required. To ensure that all requirements are being met, the BACME Service are able to carry out an inspection of any production taking place in the borough whenever children are part of the production.

Applications must be fully completed, signed, with reference contact details. A Chaperone Licence could take between 4 – 6 weeks as a DBS check is involved. Incomplete applications will be returned.

Please see documents below for more information regarding a chaperone's roles and duties

To make an application for a Chaperone Licence please complete the Chaperone application form.

Send to

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