Learning Partnership

Waltham Forest Learning Partnership is a discretionary partnership created in consultation with all school and education leaders. This partnership aims to promote key borough priorities and cultivate strong relationships between all schools, early years and 16 to 19 education providers, the LA, and other partners to ensure that there is an effective local education improvement system.

Over recent years educational leadership and improvement has become increasingly sector-led, via teaching schools and in, Waltham Forest, the sector challenge groups. The diversity of schools has also increased with the expansion of free schools, academies and multi-academy trusts.

The purpose of the Learning Partnership is to:

  • provide strategic guidance to the Council
  • support Council decision making and enhance educational outcomes across Waltham Forest
  • increase awareness of current issues and promote examples of innovation and best practice that can be adopted across the borough

Waltham Forest’s Learning Partnership is an independent partnership led by those who deliver education in the borough. The partnership’s remit is wider than Teaching and Learning and includes support for children, with a commitment to promoting the voices of children and young people.

It allows schools to work on shared projects of their choosing, these could be on subjects as diverse as teacher recruitment, pupil places, Special Educational Needs and pupil mental health and well-being.

Its aims are:

  • exceptional standards
  • no child left behind
  • system led improvement
  • joint venture
  • highest quality professionals


Responsibilities of board members

There are twenty-two partnership board members, nineteen of which are held by education sector representatives. Education sector representatives are expected to:

  • canvas the views of their sector and give feedback to those they represent
  • represent the interests of their peer group rather than the interests of their own individual school or provision

Current representatives for your sector.

How often does the partnership meet?

The Partnership meets every three months.

Terms of Reference of the group

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