Key Stage 1 & 2 Assessment and Moderation

Moderation and assessment is important to monitor consistent fair and valid criteria to measure academic achievements. You will find a range of both national and local documents to help with your assessments. 

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Government Guidance

Below you can access materials and guidance from the Standards and Testing Agency. Moderation is delivered through the Teaching Schools or St Mary's and Davies Lane. 

More information can be found here

Administration of KS Tests: Test Guides & Monitoring Visits Guidance

On the links below you can access materials and guidance from the Standards and Testing Agency.

Charging Policy for Academies and Free Schools

The local authority is very committed to maintaining the existing good links with academies and free schools with regard to moderation of teacher assessment arrangements at KS1 and at KS2 in Waltham Forest. The LA's charging policy for academies and free schools for the moderation of teacher assessment is found in the Local Agreement.

Moderation Video

Below you can watch a video kindly reproduced with permission from Chingford CofE Primary School, which provides an example of a moderation session for teacher assessment of writing at Key Stage 2.

The video session is designed to be very thorough to try to include a full range of discussion and evidence. As a guide 10 - 15 minutes is an average time for discussion of one case. The onus is on the teacher to present the range of evidence that supports his or her judgments. One moderator uses the criteria provided by STA to record where evidence has been provided and the other facilitates the discussion.

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