Gang and Youth Violence

There has been a significant rise in gang and youth violence in recent years, including gang and youth crime. There are a number of early intervention techniques that can help prevent youth violence from an early age. 

In light of the rise of violence amongst our young children, the Early Intervention Foundation published a report into tackling gang and youth violence and understanding the role of primary schools in addressing it.

In particular, the report explores the extent to which young children at risk of gang involvement or youth violence are supported through evidence-based early intervention, particularly within primary schools. 

Some of the recommendations concentrate on four areas:

  • improving the use of evidence in commissioning in-school support and programmes, including by providing improved information to schools and by calling on funders and commissioners at the national or regional level to make evidence-based decisions
  • increasing the emphasis on and time available for developing children’s social and emotional skills in primary schools, including by making PSHE compulsory in all schools and by requiring Ofsted to consider how well schools are supporting children’s wellbeing alongside the academic performance
  • improving the links between schools and the wider early help system in their area, so that school staff are clear about the options that are open to them and confident that referrals will result in support for children and families
  • examining how the police can most effectively work within primary schools to help prevent gang and youth violence.

Access the Early Intervention Foundation Report