All Talk - Feedback and Case Studies

Feedback from settings and practitioners really helps the team to develop the offer. Watch our impact video, played at the last All Talk conference, if you want to find out what practitioners have learnt from our training, visits and resources.

We have created a permanent role play area now, and we are using more visual things to support language – photos, names of animals, different vocabulary words for practitioners to model. We also created a board outside to share information and top tips with parents

Setting Manager

It was a great tool to use, and it started up lots of conversations between our team, it made us think about the needs of some of our children as well as what we can provide for them, it got our team talking. It started a conversation and supported us to reflect and think about what we can change and improve on, especially the environment

Team Lead talking about the Setting Self Evaluation Tool

It helped me to think how my practice is with children and how I can improve it

Early Years Practitioner reflecting on Training session

It made me reflect on our practice, we discussed the areas to develop, and we will be having some INSET training to help us to be more confident in these areas

Nursery Manager talking about Setting Self Evaluation Form

The training gave me more ideas of things I can try with my key child”

Early Years Practitioner

We’ve made some changes to our groups, as before it was one big group, now we have smaller groups and a shorter time, as before it was too long, now the children are listening better

Team Leader

I did a parent workshop and used some of the All Talk resources and signposted them to the chit chat sessions. Lots of parents don’t know how important it is and so many parents aren’t aware that their child is delayed and what they should be doing

Early Years Practitioner

I am going to start doing more comments, as I tend to ask lots of questions, as I thought that was good, but actually I think I ask too many questions


Last update: Friday 1st of October 2021 10:10:48 AM