Elective Home Education (EHE)

Elective Home Education, often referred to as home schooling or home education, entails parents providing education for their children at home instead of sending them to school.

All parents have a right to elect to home educate their child, providing they can demonstrate to the local authority that the child is in receipt of a suitable full time education, in accordance with the child's age, ability, aptitude and any special educational needs.

Further details on EHE Protocol.

It is important for parents to be aware that the Local Authority is not able to provide any financial support to families that choose to home educate and therefore any costs associated with home education will need to be met by the family.

If a parent notifies a school that they wish to home educate their child, schools must request written confirmation from the parent. The correspondence must include the child's full name and date of birth, the parent's full name/s and the date that home education will commence. This letter should be forwarded to the BACME Service, alongside an EHE Referral form. Parents and schools must consult with the Disability Enablement Service if the child is in receipt of an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan and the child's name shouldn't be removed from the school roll until this service has responded to the request.

Upon receipt of a completed EHE Referral from and correspondence from the parent, the BACME Service will attempt to engage with the family in order to assess the educational provision and ensure that it is appropriate.

To notify the BACME Service of a pupil who is in receipt of EHE please complete an EHE Referral Form and ensure correspondence from the parents confirming the child is being home educated is attached. 

Send the completed EHE referral form along with the parent's letter to BACME-referral@walthamforest.gov.uk

Last update: Thursday 8th of August 2019 10:52:45 AM