School Attendance Panels (SAP)

SAPs are school based meetings with family members and other involved agencies which are held in circumstances of very irregular school attendance.

SAPs are usually convened following an NPR being issued if unauthorised absences are still transpiring.

A member of staff from the BACME Service will be the chairperson for the meeting. The attendance lead for the educational provision must prepare a report outlining the concerns and documenting the interventions that have taken place in an attempt to support the family to improve the school attendance. The report will be shared with all parties at the SAP.

SAPs enable an opportunity for families to meet with school staff to find out about the pupils progress in school and also inform agencies of any difficulties that the family is experiencing that is impacting negatively on school attendance. SAPs for secondary school aged pupils will involve the pupil attending the meeting, alongside parents and carers. Once all parties have shared relevant information, the chairperson will make some recommendations intended to support the family to improve the pupil's school attendance. A monitoring period will also be established.

The chairperson will correspond with all attendees, notifying them of the recommendations that were made based on the meeting. This document can form part of the evidence gathered in legal proceedings.

If parents or carers do not attend the SAP, the meeting will go ahead in their absence and they will be notified of the recommendations that were made.

To apply for a SAP Meeting please complete a SAP Request Form.

Send the completed SAP request form to

School Attendance Orders (SAO)

A School Attendance Order (SAO) can be issued to parents/carers if the Local Authority are concerned that a child is not in receipt of suitable full time education.

A SAO is addressed to parents/carers and will include details of a named educational provision which the child should attend. Failure to comply with this order or to provide evidence of a suitable full time alternative could result in the parents being prosecuted.

For more information on School Attendance Orders please contact the Court Lead for BACME, using the details below:

Telephone: 020 8496 1718

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