Cultural Education Partnership

The Cultural Education Partnership in Waltham Forest has been created with the support of funding from A New Direction. It aims to create a model of high-quality and innovative arts provision at the heart of young people’s learning, bringing together education and arts organisations in a new sustainable partnership.

Using London Borough of Culture 2019 as a catalyst, Waltham Forests Cultutal Education Partnership programmes aims to embed innovative arts provision across the boroughs education sector. 

All education settings are encouraged to have a Cultural Education Partnership lead to act as the main staff contact point within each school/college to advocate and disseminate the partnership programmes.

Role of Representatives

For the latest information on Borough of Culture 19 Education Programmes, sign up as a Cultural Education Partnership Lead for your school or college.

Find out who the current representatives are for each group

This page will soon be updated with further information on the work of this partnership.

Last update: Tuesday 18th of May 2021 10:43:44 AM