Ofsted Registered Childminders Core Offer

Waltham Forest offer Ofsted registered childminders a core offer of support whilst working within the borough through the Core Offer to Ofsted Registered Childminders.

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The main elements of the core offer to childminders are

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Key Elements:

Ofsted Registered childminders

Waltham Forest offer registered childminders a core offer of support whilst working within the borough through:

Active Engagement Plan (AEP) meeting

An Active Engagement Plan (AEP) meeting will be with your Development Officer and will take place where you care for children and when you have children present. The meeting involves a three hour support visit and will look at all aspects of your provision, including your interactions with children, a planned activity observation and paperwork. You will receive a detailed plan highlighting strengths and areas to consider for development. The plan aims to serve as a self-empowering, working tool to support your continuous progress. 

Face-to-Face Appointments

These appointments will be with your named Development officer and will last around half an hour. They offer additional, targeted support to improve specific aspects of your childminding practice.

Drop-ins and Briefing Sessions

These occur weekly (term time only) at three venues across the Borough.  Here you have the opportunity to network with other childminders and share good practice or solutions to everyday issues. You'll be able to meet with other professionals and join in regular briefing /professional development sessions as well as  have the chance to get answers to quick questions from Development Officers. For more information dates and times visit WF Traded Services.

Team Around the Setting (TAS)

For Childminders judged less than good, including Not Met there will be a team around the setting meeting.  This takes place shortly after the Ofsted report is published and is a formal visit by the Development Officer and the Childminding Team Leader. This support is to address Ofsted actions and recommendations and a written Focus Improvement Plan (FIP) will be agreed. This is followed up three months later to ensure progress and provide further support.

Childminding check in visits (EY Recovery Plan)

The Childminding Check In Visit programme is a supportive initiative developed in response to COVID and forms part of the EYs Recovery Plan. The main purpose is to:

  • Reconnect with the EYs Sector with regards to face to face support
  • Help childminders to develop and implement their own recovery plan
  • Offer robust Leadership and Management support and challenge to Childminders via an onsite visit

This is delivered by the Childminding Development Officers.

Criteria for Childminding Check In Visit:

The Priority criteria for Autumn 2021 and Spring 2022 term requires Childminders to have:

  • had an initial registration visit and are due or overdue their first inspection
  • received an overall effectiveness grade of requires improvement or inadequate (with learning and development actions) at their last inspection and the date for their re-inspection has passed

The aim of each supportive visit is to:

  • share information, advice and training  which is available from the Early Years, Childcare and Business Development Team and other services
  • help reduce anxiety and address any issues/questions childminders may have around the implementation of the Revised EYFS
  • provide an opportunity for childminders to tell us about any future information, advice or training they would find beneficial

Useful resources:

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