Our mission is to enhance the wellbeing and prospects of children and their families by providing access to therapeutic and emotional support in schools, using a proven model backed up by research and training.

Mental Health Champions – School Leader Programme

The Mental Health Champions course supports School Leadership Teams to take steps towards becoming ‘mentally healthy’ school communities.

The course objectives are:

  1. Build the capability, confidence, and ability to understand and respond to the mental health needs within a school community
  2. Undertake a school-based audit of existing activity relating to mental health and emotional wellbeing
  3. Identify priority areas for improvement and formulate a plan for achieving this
  4. Develop effective communications with statutory CAMHS and lead on making effective referrals
  5. Consider ways that wider staff teams can be empowered to advocate for children’s mental health

Delivered across two academic terms to a cluster of schools in the community the programme consists of four half-day workshop sessions for Senior Leaders which are followed by group consultation sessions with an experienced Place2Be consultant.

These support schools to focus on themes relevant to the development of their school’s mental health strategy and to help create a relevant and realistic action plan.

In addition to this, each school gets a 60-minute consultation session at the start of the programme, as well as one at the end.


Creating a Strategic Approach

We consider the broad areas for development of a school mental health strategy, exploring school ethos and the language of mental health in the school.

Creating Systems of Support - Universal

Child development and attachment theories inform an investigation of how best to support the mental health needs of children across the school.

Creating systems of Support - Targeted

Assessment and evaluation processes for targeted mental health provision are examined in tandem with support for staff mental health.

Creating Bridges: External Agencies and Parents

Focus is given to the challenge of commissioning and integrating school-based mental health services, building relationships with parents and specialist CAMHS.

Cost for programme:

  • Cluster of 6-8 schools - £8,000
  • Cluster of 10-12 schools - £12,000

Mental Health Champions – Class Teacher Programme

An evidence-based programme designed to improve the knowledge, skills and confidence of new teachers

Place2Be’s Mental Health Champions Class Teacher Programme enables newly qualified and recently qualified teachers to:

  • Manage classroom behaviour
  • Support children’s emotional development
  • Work effectively with parents
  • Manage their own emotional Wellbeing Programme

Consisting of four workshops and up to three personalised consultation sessions, held over two terms.

Half day workshops include:

  1. Supporting children’s emotional wellbeing
  2. Introduction to attachment
  3. Solution-focused techniques
  4. Working with parents and carers

Underpinned by consultation sessions, known as Place2Think, which give participants the chance to discuss the behaviour of individual pupils, and provide practical strategies for dealing with challenging or concerning behaviour. Sessions last up to 90 minutes and are available in blocks of six sessions.

Cost for programme:

  • For up to 20 delegates - £8,000

Please contact us for further information about the Mental Health Champions Class Teacher Programme.


  • We have a clinical model of excellence devised through 20 years of experience of providing counselling for children in schools, and robust research into early intervention.
  • Our cost-effective services are closely monitored and evaluated in every school we work in, allowing schools to see positive results that contribute to achievement of inspection targets.

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Place2Be also offers a wide range of specialist courses on children's wellbeing. Our full day workshop price (for a max of 20 people) is £1,800.

The price covers everything necessary for the successful running of the course.

As a charity Place2Be does not charge VAT on our services.

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