People at the Heart of Our place

Waltham Forest is a vibrant place and a thriving borough. Our people and wonderful communities make it what it is. At times though, throughout life, people and families need help. 

People at the Heart of Our Place strategy is the Council’s commitment to delivering an improved, sustainable, and accessible offer of support for our residents, so everyone can be safe, well, resilient, as independent as possible, and connected to their communities.

We cannot realise our vision for Waltham Forest without tackling the inequalities and injustices that many residents face. Everyone who lives here must have an equal chance to thrive. There is a focus on tackling systemic inequality across everything we do, from practical steps to tackle the cost-of-living crisis, narrowing gaps in outcomes that start early in life and continue through education and into employment, to working with partners to improve health and address health inequalities.

With this strategy, and by working collaboratively with our communities and partners, we commit to putting people at the very heart of everything we do.

Vision and Principles 

A fairer and more equal future 
We will tackle the root causes of inequality, including by ensuring people and communities can access support and services, addressing drivers of inequality, and meeting these needs through a workforce that represents the borough’s communities. We will celebrate the rich and wonderful diversity of people, cultures, and communities.

Support that is accessible 
We will improve access to support at every stage of life. This includes having more support that is local and within easy reach of home, communities working together to support each other, and improving access to support and services that people have to travel to and reach in different parts of the borough. It is also about ensuring people know what support and services are available to them and have access to the right information.

Every conversation counts 
We will have conversations that build relationships and identify people’s strengths and needs in the context of their family, community, circumstances, and experiences. Providing the best support for people and families means we need to know and understand them and have the right conversation at the right time. We need to make sure that every conversation counts, using the contacts we have everyday to encourage and support people and families.

The right help at the right time 
We will support people and families through the right action as soon as problems start or where it is likely they will emerge in future. Early support, ensuring the right action at the right time and prevention are everybody’s responsibility and everyone has a part to play in promoting the wellbeing of people and families who may have or develop care and support needs.

Building quality relationships 
We will build on people’s unique strengths and do ‘with’ not ‘to’. Building quality relationships is at the heart of what we do, working with people, families, communities and partners to improve support and achieve the outcomes they, and others, value in their lives. We will help people to help themselves and each other – developing skills and building resilience and relationships.

Considering the whole family 
We will work with people and families in a joined-up way, drawing on family strengths, identifying opportunities together, and supporting family members to help each other. This is family in the widest sense, including carers, siblings, friends, neighbours, and communities. We consider the impact of family dynamics and circumstances, and local networks, on people and families.

Our promise to residents

Staff are proud and feel valued
Staff are passionate and keen to develop, and apply learning in new contexts, and are always open to new ideas to ensure the best possible outcomes. We will foster a culture of learning, where all staff have opportunities to develop skills and progress in their careers in ways meaningful to them. We want all staff to feel recognised by highlighting the amazing work being done and celebrating their achievements.

Staff are open, respectful, and willing to learn
Our staff are led by the needs of the people and families they work with. They strive to practice cultural competency and self-awareness. They are humble, always willing to listen and learn from people's lived experiences and needs, and take time to reflect on their own beliefs and cultural identity. They work openly and with sensitivity and respect, always ensuring equitable services and support.

Staff are empowered
We believe leadership can come from anywhere. Staff will be empowered, trusted, and supported to lead, bring fresh thinking, and new ideas, and champion new ways of working. We know our staff have the potential and ability to create new opportunities to meet needs and respond to challenges, and staff will be encouraged to unlock their creativity and innovate.


Our Ambitions

We want everyone to be safe from harm, abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Being and feeling safe is essential for people to enjoy a good quality of life. This means no one should feel unsafe at home and no one should feel scared or threatened by going out. Everyone should know where to get help if they need it, have confidence it will be provided, and trust that safeguarding is everybody’s business.

We want everyone to enjoy good physical, mental, financial, and social wellbeing so they can have a good quality of life, fulfilling experiences, and take the opportunities to achieve their aspirations. We must take action on the social determinants of health to reduce health inequalities, and ensure everyone has equal access to early learning and opportunities for learning across the life course to excel in developing the knowledge and skills to be successful in their futures.

We want people to have the skills, knowledge, capacity and capability to cope with, manage and reduce whatever challenges arise in their lives and to take opportunities to restore their health and wellness with help from their communities and social networks. We want people to fully participate in communities in ways that are right for them. For those able to, we want work and volunteering to help build personal independence and resilience.

We want more people to lead as independent a life as possible, realising their ambitions and living their life in the way they want to. We want people to be able to give something back to those who may be more vulnerable.

We want people to feel a sense of belonging and community connection, to have strong relationships with their neighbours and opportunities to contribute to their local community, helping each other out, coming together to solve problems and trusting one another. We will always take into account support and advice that is available in the family, local networks, and from within the community.

Working with people and families

A Life Course approach
Taking into account all of the factors over the course of a person’s life that can influence health and well-being and where the largest difference can be made. This approach promotes equity across communities and helps with tackling inequality.

Keeping people safe
Being proactive and focused, taking decisive action and making difficult decisions to protect people and families, reduce risks of harm and keep them safe, and taking all reasonable steps to effectively meet needs. Ensuring timely, efficient, and effective safeguarding is a responsibility everyone shares.

Building people’s strengths, skills, experience, and capacity, and investing in supporting people with resources, networks, and skills they need to help themselves and each other. Everyone has strengths and everybody has something they can offer the community.

Evidence-based and needs-led
Using data, insight, and evidence to provide a better understanding of current and future needs, to shape our work and services and support for the greatest impact, to promote best practices in everything we do, improve outcomes, and drive efficiencies.

Engagement, collaboration, and co-creation
Strengthening and improving collaboration and building on each other’s unique strengths, including our partners and communities. Creating more opportunities for engagement and participation, and helping communities to identify their strengths, skills, and capacities to make change.

Innovation and creativity
Testing approaches and new ways of doing things, finding creative solutions to problems and dealing with challenges, and taking opportunities to pioneer ways of working.

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