Early Years SEND Offer

The local authority is required by legislation to secure information, advice and training for all childcare providers in Waltham Forest on meeting the needs of children with special educational needs and disabilities, vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

Please note all SEND training and forums are currently cancelled until further notice. All support and monitoring visits to EYFS provisions from an Area SENCO or SENDSuccess Advisor are also cancelled until further notice. If you do require Early Years SEND support, information or guidance please contact your allocated Area SENCO or SENDSuccess advisor directly or you can email SENDEYFS@walthamforest.gov.uk for PVIs and enquiries@sendsuccess.org.uk for schools.

The Early Years, Childcare and Business Development Service have created a SEND Core Offer and a Targeted Offer to support and empower EYFS provision to meet the needs of children developmental delay and SEND.

EYFS Support and Monitoring Visits

All EYFS provision in settings and school will receive a termly core visit. The intention of the visit is share information regarding SEND support in Waltham Forest and to empower the staff to develop inclusive practices which support learning and development needs. The aim of this core visit is to maximise the expertise and the strengths settings and schools have developed in their EYFS provision and identify any training needs to improve inclusive practices and provision.

During these visits, an Area SENCO for PVI settings and a SEND Success Advisor for EYFS school provision, meet with the SENCO and Manager or EYFS Lead to offer advice and guidance on meeting the needs of children with special educational needs and disabilities. As children attending your school or setting will be discussed during the visit, it will be necessary to include in your privacy policy permission to do so with the local authority. If this is not stated in your privacy policy, schools and settings will have to request the child’s parents complete a parental consent form.


The termly EYFS SEND Forum EYFS SEND provide advice, training and networking opportunities for lead practitioners to support their professional development. It is an opportunity for SENCOs, Managers and EYFS leads to reflect and share good practice, catch up on the latest information from the local authority and network with fellow EYFS practitioners.

The upcoming EYFS SEND Forum date is Thursday 4 June 2020.

SENCO Passport

The SENCO Passport is a package of training created to equip all Waltham Forest SENCOs in supporting children with developmental delay in an inclusive and enabling environment in the Early Years.

The SENCO Passport consists of 9 training courses. There is an additional course exclusively for Early Years New to SENCOs who should also access the SENCO Passport Training. At each training you will collect a stamp on your certificate. Once you have completed all SENCO Passport training and collected all your stamps. A fully completed SENCO Passport certificate will be awarded to you to display in your setting or school. For further information download the SENCO Passport Booklet.

EHC Referral Support Meeting

PVI settings and EYFS provision in schools can be nominated for a targeted meeting with a SEND Success Advisor to empower the SENCO to make an effective EHC referral. The aim of the targeted meeting is advising the SENCO to identify areas of improvement and implement strategies to ensure all EHC referral documentation is accurate and supports the needs of the child. Settings and schools recommended to receive this targeted support will nominated through the SENIF panel where it is decided the EHC referral is the appropriate next step to support the child’s additional needs.

Early Years new to SENCO

A training session has been created exclusively for new SENCOs in Early Years setting. The training will cover the SEND Code of Practice, the role of the Early Years SENCO as a lead in their setting and will provide information and guidance on local processes. As well as this initial training Early Years SENCOs new to the role are expected attend all SENCO Passport training sessions. The initial course will include follow up networking and continued professional development meetings throughout the academic year. For more information contact SEND EYFS. 

Early Years Hub newsletter

A monthly newsletter is available for all early years practitioners and professionals with the latest information in the Early Years from the local authority and other services. Each month will include an article focused on SEND and Inclusion. Sign up to the newsletter. 

My Early Years support plan

The Waltham Forest My Early Years Support Plan is to use with children in the early years who have identified with development delay or SEND. My Early Years Support Plan is a non-statutory document and can be used flexibly to support the needs of the child, their family and all who work with them. Termly training is available for all settings on ‘Writing and Implementing Support Plans’ for more information on this download the SENCO Passport booklet.

My Early Years Support Plan should be utilised by all EYFS providers in Waltham Forest and based on assessments and recommendations from educational and health professionals as well as parental views.

Childminder SEND support

Childminders who are supporting children with developmental delay and SEND can also receive further advice and support at the childminder drop-in’s. Once a term an Area SENCO will be available at the drop-in to offer general advice and information about working with children with developmental delay and SEND. If further information and guidance is needed a Childminder can organise a SEND Support Meeting.

Last update: Wednesday 22nd of April 2020 11:45:17 AM