Continuous Provision

Continuous provision is the resources and areas that you have laid out for children to explore freely. They should be safe to explore, as well as challenging and engaging. This page provides advice and guidance on developing and planning continuous provision. 

Developing and planning continuous provision

Continuous provision is not just about the provision that should be accessible, it is also all about what resources have been added to the areas of continuous provision that will allow the continuation of learning in the absence of a practitioner.

In terms of planning continuous provision, it should be linked very closely to children's assessments/observations and daily evaluations of the children's engagement with the environment.

To develop continuous provision, initially open ended resources are added to each area of the continuous provision. These resources are carefully chosen quality resources that are organised and placed in areas which are always available for children to access independently across every area of learning, both inside and outside. These support and allow children to investigate, explore and use their thinking skills.

To measure the impact of learning, along with gain an understanding of the children's learning needs and interests; practitioners should seek to evaluate the environment daily. This should be recorded. From this daily evaluation practitioners will be able to identify relevant and interesting resources that can be added to areas that are linked to children's interests or observations. By doing this it will encourage children's engagement and in turn will move children on in their learning and development.

Last update: Monday 19th of August 2019 03:34:52 PM