Clean Air for Schools

We're working with our schools to help improve the air quality that our youngest residents breathe. We have partnered with several organisations to improve air quality at schools. Get your school involved by launching some of the activates in the information packs below.

Organise a Walking Bus . A walking bus gets children to walk to school, chaperoned by adults, not only does this boosts exercise and improves Air Quality, but sees different parts of the community working together. The council can provide bright Clean Air Day drawstring bags to help make your walking bus stand out.

Contact to request your bags.

Past Projects

What the Air Quality Team have done so far

1. Clean Air For Schools project, an air pollution education programme delivered to four schools in Waltham Forest.

This project involved delivering a number of science based air pollution lessons looking at local air pollution levels via GIS and an investigation activity into the particulate levels at participating schools. This was followed by a creative workshop chosen by the school (ranging from travel related workshops, solar oven building or arts and crafts based creative exploration of the air quality theme).

Schools also had the opportunity to receive an interactive 'fun' animation session about air pollution using the schools individual messages they wanted to portray, as well as the option to go on a field trip on the topic of sustainable cities. This project was to raise awareness of the risks that are associated with air pollution and the actions that can be taken to improve air quality.

The videos can be watched on the Council's website.

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