Stephen Lawrence Day - Home Resources for Children and Young People

The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust have put together some simple and fun activities that require no specialist knowledge from parents or young people, but that provide a great way for them to get involved in Stephen Lawrence Day whilst they learn.  
Stephen Lawrence Day is about the part we all play in creating a society in which everyone can flourish, and this year in particular the trust want young people to feel that, even in the current circumstances, they can make a difference.  All new materials are themed around the small things individuals can do to make a positive difference and how together we can build stronger communities.

They have produced the following downloads:

  • Read up a Storm - Reading is a great way to connect with the wider world when you can’t get out.  The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust have created a short reading list of books that are available to read for free on-line. 
  • Get Hand on - Building a Bridge - Stephen Lawrence Day is about being inclusive, and bridges are a way of connecting people and communities. We have set a challenge to build your own bridge, as a great way to think about some of the challenges involved in architecture and engineering.
  • Be the next poetry sensation - This video is a series of spoken word poetry about Stephen Lawrence written and performed by young people, who are part of the Eggtooth project in Hastings.  Watch the video and read our information sheet to learn more about spoken word, use the video as a literary criticism or create your own spoken word.
  • #ChallengeAccepted - Do something simple to help others and pass it on! As we approach Stephen Lawrence Day this year, everyone is facing their own challenges, making it the perfect time to show your support to other people in your community.  We’re setting you a challenge to help others through simple acts of kindness and post it on social media – let’s make Stephen Lawrence Day full of small, positive actions that make a difference!
Last update: Tuesday 7th of April 2020 10:25:56 AM