Key dates in September 2019

Key events and national days aimed at education professionals in Waltham Forest.

Monday 2 September

Start of Autumn Term

Back to school! 

Monday 2 September

Learning & Improving Practice Forum

Waltham Forest’s Learning and Improving Practice Forum aims to support the four strategic boards to monitor and evaluate their effectiveness and to ensure that learning is shared across the four groups listed below.

Thursday 5 September

SEND Board

The SEND board aims to ensure that the local authority and clinical commissioning group (CCG) meet their responsibilities outlined in the statutory guidance Special educational needs and disability code of practice: 0 to 25 years.

Thursday 5 September

Neglect Safeguarding Strategic Group

This subgroup for the Waltham Forest Safeguarding Children's Board works to improve the identification of neglect as early as possible through a Think Family approach. 

Wednesday 11 September

Safeguarding in Settings

Safeguarding in settings, works to build on, and maintain, the quality and effectiveness of safeguarding arrangements in the education, community, voluntary and faith sectors to help improve safeguarding outcomes for all children.

Thursday 12 September

Waltham Forest Safeguarding Children Board

Local authorities have a statutory duty, defined under Section 14 of the Children Act 2004, to have a local Safeguarding Children Board, which follows guidance from Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018.

Tuesday 17 September

WF SBM Network

The WF School Business Managers Network provides free support, guidance and training to school business managers in maintained schools. 

Wednesday 18 September

Autumn Term Teacher Preview

Educators, artists and arts organisation are warmly invited to this networking event at the William Morris Gallery.

Wednesday 18 September

Schools Forum

The Schools Forum is administered by the local authority. The forum runs consultations and makes decisions on how some of the schools funding is distributed.

26 to 27 September

Primary Heads Conference

Working together with Waltham Forest Headteachers and the local Borough Council, we are delighted this year to be assisting with the organisation of the Waltham Forest Headteachers Annual 2019 Conference.

Sunday 29 September

Rosh Hashanah begins

The birthday of the universe, the day God created Adam and Eve, and it’s celebrated as the head of the Jewish year.

Monday 30 September

Closedown Leasing Schedule

Closedown leasing schedule to comply with accounting requirements under International Financial reporting standards.