School Effectiveness Service

The Local Authority School Effectiveness Service works alongside School Leaders to build on recent improvements, in both standards and Ofsted outcomes in Waltham Forest schools.

We draw upon a range of qualitative and quantitative data to inform a school improvement risk analysis and work with the school to identify any areas of weakness before intervention becomes necessary.

What we offer

All schools, including academies, are provided with a named School Effectiveness Adviser (SEA) who acts as a link officer. Each school and academy is allocated at least three days of an expert Adviser's time to monitor standards and provide strategic advice.

Services offered:

  • strategic oversight of education
  • further monitoring of schools causing concern (SCC) as required by LA
  • intervention in SCC if necessary
  • LA Statement of Action for schools in categories
  • response to Ofsted complaints
  • co ordination of schools risk register
  • statutory EYFS, KS1 and KS2 moderation
  • admissions
  • advice and support for governors phone
  • nomination of LA Governors

Benefits of using our service

  • You have the support of a highly experienced team of consultants, many of whom are recent, or current, headteachers and practising Ofsted inspectors.
  • The SEA will know your school well and be able to work effectively with you to identify and address priorities for improvement.
  • There will be a clear delineation between statutory monitoring by the LA conducted by an allocated Link Officer/SEA and any School Effectiveness Support commissioned by the school.
  • The 3 days support offer will provide schools with the flexibility to choose the senior level support that is most appropriate to their needs.
  • This support may be provided by the Link Officer or anyone else from the pool of external SEAs or Principal Advisors or EY Consultants.
  • In addition, there will be emergency support for unforeseen or critical incidents by Senior officers or SEAs e.g. in recent years intensive support has been required from senior officers for one-off but highly de-stabilising events such as:¬†arrest of a staff member, serious HR issues, serious governance issues or complaints. This funding provides the capacity to respond to these issues.


David Kilgallon, Director of Learning & System Leadership

  • Tel: 020 8496 3221
  • Email:
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