Schools Directory

There are 80 maintained schools, academies and free schools in Waltham Forest. There are also two Further Education Colleges, one Sixth Form College and one 'free school' College in Waltham Forest.

Eleven schools also currently offer Sixth Form provision.

The schools are broken down into: 

  • 3 Maintained Nursery Schools
  • 54 Primary Schools (22 have Academy or Free School Status)
  • 14 Secondary Schools (7 have Academy or Free School Status
  • 2 All Through Schools (1 has Academy or Free School Status)
  • 4 Special Schools (3 have Academy Status)
  • 3 Pupil Referral Units

Head Teachers within the borough have worked collaboratively to create a directory of strengths within Waltham Forest.

The directory is to be used as a support reference guide to match needs with an outline of where support is available.

Head Teachers can access the directory and contact schools directly to establish if their needs can be met by working collaboratively with that school. The directory is a working document and CPD and training opportunities that schools wish to share can be added to it. However, please note that the directory is not quality assured.

You can search the schools alphabetically on the links below.

Schools A to C

Name of School School Address Headteacher Email Strengths
Acacia Nursery Cecil Road, London, E11 3HF Maureen Okoye
Ainslee Wood Primary School 140 Ainslie Wood Road, London, E4 9DD Kerry Scott Teacher development, Leadership development, CPD, Personalised learning, Project based learning, Pupil voice
Barclay Primary School 155 Canterbury Road, London, E10 6EJ Justin James
Barn Croft Primary School 2 Brunel Road, London, E17 8SB Ms Tracey Griffiths Very strong admin team inc. front of house & admissions, English Leader – subject knowledge & y6 training, Personal Welfare & Behaviour – Mental health & wellbeing of the children & families (counselling/mindfulness), Relationships with parents is strong
Buxton School Primary Entrance: Cann Hall Road, Leytonstone E11 3NN Secondary Entrance: Terling Close, Leytonstone, E11 3NT Ms Kath Wheeler SMSC, KS2 Writing
Chapel End Infant School and Early Years Centre 3 Beresford Road, London, E17 4LN Mrs Theresa Martin EYFS Provision/teaching EYFS, Work with parents, Data
Chapel End Junior Academy Roberts Road, London, E17 4LS Mr James Kenyon
Chase Lane Primary School York Road, London, E4 8LA Miss Carolyn Houstoun Reading
Chingford CofE Primary School Kings Road, Chingford London E4 7EY Ms Lindsay Lampart Writing Moderation (moderators used by LBWF), Pastoral care, Growth mindset
Chingford Hall Primary School Burnside Avenue, London, E4 8YJ Ms Patricia Davies
Church Hill Nursery School Woodbury Road, London, E17 9SB Ms Sandra Campbell Early Years including 2 year olds & extended provision, SEND
Coppermill Primary School Edward Road, Walthamstow, London, E17 6PB Figen Bektasoglu P4C, Induction for EAL & new arrivals, NATs & Newer Teachers, Implementing bespoke intervention of support of pupils with EAL & SEN, Strategies for accelerating progress in year 6 particularly for LA/EAL, Mastering in Maths, Writing expectations – exemplar materials for KS2, Understanding ES/GDS for KS2, Inclusion – model of interventions, TA CPD for inclusion, Monitoring tool for T & L, Clear effective tool for assessing & keeping track of the new NC objectives for Maths, Reading & Writing

Schools D to F

Name of School School Address Headteacher Email Strengths
Davies Lane Primary School Davies Lane, London, E11 3DR Ms Maureen Okoye EYFS, SLEs to support & lead, Teaching & Learning, Phonics, Reading
Dawlish Primary School Jesse Road, London, E10 6NN Ms Prue Barnes
Downsell Primary School 136 Downsell Road, London, E15 2BS Deena Chetty
Edinburgh Primary School 97 Queens Road, London, E17 8QR Ms Jane Harris
Emmanuel Community School The Drive, Walthamstow, E17 3BN Mr Peter Lewis SMSC, Leadership & Management, Governance and developing teaching through coaching, Behaviour

Schools G to H

Name of School School Address Headteachers Email Strengths
George Mitchell School Farmer Road, Leyton, E10 5DN Mr Saeed Hussain Values education, Pupil conferencing, Maths mastery, Supporting NQTs & Teach Firsts in School, Early Years Phase, Rights Respecting Schools Award, EAL, Writing and reading Y6, Maths Mastery in EY & KS1, Rights, Respecting, Schools Award, Teaching of writing and reacting KS2 – specifically Y6
George Tomlinson Primary School Harrington Road, London, E11 4QN Verity Carter
Greenleaf Primary School Greenleaf Road, London, E17 6QW Kathryn Soulard EYFS, Grammar, SMSC
Gwyn Jones Primary School Hainault Road, London, E11 1EU Toni Moore Maths – mystery, investigation, KS2 Results (Y6 team) (progress across KS2)
Handsworth Primary School Handsworth Avenue, London, E4 9PJ Ms Jill Augustin
Hawkswood Primary PRU Antlers Hill, Chingford, E4 7RT Julian Lee & Ms Jeanette Maynard Inclusion, Re-engaging dis-engaged learners, Boys love of writing, School support
Henry Maynard Primary School Maynard Road, London, E17 9JE Ms Linda Adair Early years, Ext school, Teacher training, Adoptive parents
Hillyfield Primary Academy Higham Hill Road, London, E17 6ED Anna Mackenzie

Schools I to R

Name of School School Address Headteacher Email Strengths
Larkswood Primary School New Road, London, E4 8ET Ms Lynne Harrowell
Longshaw Primary School Longshaw Road, London, E4 6LH Pat Davies
Low Hall Nursery School Low Hall Lane, London, E17 8BE Ms Sandra Campbell Early Years including 2 year olds & extended provision, SEND
Mayville Primary School Lincoln Road, London, E11 4PZ Mr Carnett Russell
Mission Grove Primary School Buxton Road, London, E17 7EJ Ms Katie Jennings
Newport School Newport Road, London, E10 6PJ Ms Prue Barnes
Oakhill Primary School Alders Avenue, Woodford Green, IG8 9PY Ms Prue Barnes
Our Lady and St George's Catholic Primary School Shernhall Street, London, E17 3EA Mrs Rosie McGlynn
Parkside Primary School Wellington Avenue, London, E4 6RE Ms Lisa Cousins Group Work – mixed ability, Safeguarding
Riverley Primary School Park Road, London, E10 7BZ Anna Powell Recruitment, Phonics, 100% Mindset
Roger Ascham Primary School Wigton Road, London, E17 5HU Matt Hanks

Schools S

Name of School School Address Headteacher Email Strengths
Selwyn Primary School Cavendish Road, London, E4 9NG Mrs Maureen Okoye (Exec Head) / Lisa Bogle (Head of School) Teaching & Learning Y 6, Reading
South Grove Primary School Ringwood Road, London, E17 8PW Julie Maltwood
St Joseph's Catholic Infant School Marsh Lane, London, E10 7BL Ruth Boon
St Joseph's Catholic Junior School Vicarage Road, London, E10 5DX Mr John Alexander
St Mary's Catholic Primary School Station Road, London, E4 7BJ Ms Philomena Egan
St Mary's CofE Primary School The Drive, London, E17 3BN Ms Beverley Hall Writing/Grammer, RMC, Maths, KS1 Leadership, NQTs, 2nd & 3rd Years, Environment inc. WWalls, Leadership of Middle Leaders, PC4kids / godly play
St Patrick's Catholic Primary School Longfield Avenue, London, E17 7DP Roslan Protsiv Art:Deployment of a residential artist and cross-curricular arts work, Re-engaging disaffection, Enjoyment, Early years, KS1, Resilience (don't give up), We help each other, Dealing with diversity, CP/Safeguarding, Pastoral care, Behaviours, Inclusion - Speech and Language - identification of needs, programmes of support and tracking of progress, Play Therapy - identification of needs, programmes of support and tracking of progress
St Saviour's Church of England Primary School Verulam Avenue, London, E17 8ER Ms Beverley Hall Maths – concrete to abstract/Singapore Maths/bar model for problem solving. Streaming, Additional provision (Saturday school, after school, holiday school), Computing – Specialist Teacher, Maths – Mental Maths, Reading – Bench marking/miscue analysis, CPD (NQT), 2nd/3rd Year Teachers, Middle Leaders
Stoneydown Park School Pretoria Avenue, London, E17 6JY Ms Jane Cominetti Early Years Environment, Eco/gardening, Maths – bar model & captain conjecture
Sybourne Primary School Sybourn Street, London, E17 8HA Mr Hayden Tyers

Schools T to Z

Name of School School Address Headteacher Email Strengths
The Jenny Hammond Primary School Elsham Road, Leytonstone, E11 3JH Ms Deborah Gibbon Growth mind set – formative ass (based around Shirley Clarke), EYFS, SEND, SMSC, Display, Writing Workshop, Jenny Hammond TV
The Winns Primary School Fleeming Road, London, E17 5ET Mr Paul Ryan Re-engaging disaffection, Enjoyment, Early years, KS1, Resilience (don't give up), Dealing with diversity, CP/Safeguarding, Pastoral care, Behaviours, Inclusion (Patchy)
The Woodside Primary School Wood Street, E17 3JX Mr Shane Tewes
Thomas Gamuel Primary School 1 Colchester Road, London, E17 8LG Danielle Obanye
Thorpe Hall Primary School 123 Hale End Road, London, E17 4DP Mrs Paulette Houghton
Walthamstow Primary School Billet Road, Walthamstow, E17 5DP Natalie De Silva
Whitehall Primary School Normanton Park, London, E4 6ES Mrs Jacqui Holder
Whittington Primary Academy Higham Hill Road, London, E17 5QX Mrs Patricia Davies
Willow Brook Primary School Academy Church Road, London, E10 7BH Anna Powell & Graham Clifford Middle Leadership, Leadership Training, NPQML/SL, Environment, Branding, Strong year 6, SDP, HR, SSE, Budget
Woodford Primary School Sunset Avenue, Woodford Green, IG8 0ST PJ Prince Behaviour, Early Years Practice, Tracking / Monitoring
Yardley Primary School Hawkswood Crescent, London, E4 7PH Chris Evans
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