Risk Assessment - COVID 19

Waltham Forest Health & Safety Team have provided support and guidance to schools to ensure they have the appropriate risk assessments and controls in place for wider opening of schools following COVID-19

Two-Part Support Plan 

The Health and Safety Team have devised a two-part support plan for all maintained schools and academies who purchase the service:

  • schools are provided with a guidance note and template risk assessment.  
  • Health & Safety Team will undertake a review of the schools completed risk assessment. If required an on-site visit to advise on any further controls can be arranged.

Schools can choose to use the template risk assessment, however some schools may have already progressed their own risk assessment. 

Risk Assessment 

As the Council we must be reassured that staff, students and you as the leaders in our schools are all properly protected. 

All schools:

  • should have a written risk assessment. It is absolutely essential that adequate risk assessments are put in place.
  • return completed risk assessment to the Health and Safety team 

Maintained schools should:

  • provide plans to show how they are directing children and staff around the school
  • show final classroom layouts (this can be paper format, video tour, or photographs of the school)

Please note that all maintained schools are required to comply with this requirement. Non-compliance will be escalated to the Strategic Director of Families with urgent resolution required

Items to Consider Purchasing and Planning to support the risk assessment

  • posters (for example, to encourage consistency on hygiene and keeping to own group) See annex C of DfE guidance - Preparing for the wider opening of schools from 1 June - Planning guide for Primary Schools
  • soap for sinks, and where there is no sink nearby, hand sanitiser in rooms/learning environments, consider the availability of soap and hot water in every toilet (and if possible in classrooms)
  • the location of hand sanitiser stations, for example at the school entrance for pupils and any other person passing into the school to use, and their replenishment
  • disposable paper towels rather than hand dryers, to reduce aerosol production from drying wet hands
  • the location of lidded bins in classrooms and in other key locations around the site for the disposal of tissues and any other waste, their double bagging and emptying
  • ensuring you have a good supply of disposable tissues to implement the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach in each classroom and enough to top up regularly
  • cleaning products including sanitising wipes for wiping some equipment
  • tape for cordoning off areas and marking floors

Drinking Fountains and Water Coolers

  • Water fountains have been designated for individual school bubbles
  • Hands should be washed or sanitised before use.
  • Disposable cups will not be freely provided to minimise the risk of persons touching cups that will be used by others. Users should fill their own mug/cup/bottle from water coolers and drinking fountains.
  • Users should not drink directly from drinking fountains.
  • Users should wipe down contact points, such as taps, after use to ensure they remain clean for subsequent users. 

Full guidance and signage for water fountains / coolers can be found here

School Checklists

Risk Assessment Templates

Below are downloadable Risk Assessments for schools to consider ad adapt to their setting. The Council do not require schools to submit completed risk assessments for review, however if you would like your risk assessment reviewed, please forward to Health and Safety

Last update: Tuesday 18th of January 2022 02:00:35 PM