Key dates in March 2020

Key events and national days aimed at education professionals in Waltham Forest.

Monday 2 March

Cohort spreadsheet return

School ICT manager to return cohort spreadsheet to careers service 

Thursday 5 March

World Book Day

Resources are available for professionals to download in preparation to World Book Day. 

2 to 6 March

National Careers Week

It's careers week! Find out what your school should be doing under statutory duty. 

6 Mar - 15 Mar

British Science Week

Ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths.

Wednesday 9 March

Holi and Purim

Holi and Purim 

Thursday 12 March

Developmental Opportunities

Are you looking to achieve a qualification and take the next step in your career? Apprenticeships could be an opportunity to support your development, for both teaching and non-teaching employees.

The open event will take place in Leytonstone School from 4-6pm.

Tuesday 17 March

SBM Network Meeting

The WF School Business Managers Network meets every six weeks and provides free guidance and training to school business professionals in maintained schools.

Tuesday 17 March

St Patrick's Day

A national holiday in Ireland and commemorates one of its patron saints, St Patrick. In the United Kingdom, it is celebrated in Irish pubs and in cities, such as Nottingham and London where many people with an Irish background live.

Wednesday 25 March

RSE Update

Taking place at WF Town Hall room at 5.30pm.