Life Chances Commission

In 2017 Waltham Forest set up the Life Chances Commission, to focus on the Council priority of 'Improving our residents life chances' . This commission was tasked with identifying the actions that the Council should take, and activities they should lead, to ensure young people in Waltham Forest have the opportunities and support to thrive during their lives.

Find out what is happening in the borough for young people.

Enabling young people to thrive

The ‘Enabling Young People to Thrive’ report was published after a significant amount of engagement from young people, residents, education providers and the business sector. The report provided the Council with thirty recommendations for improving the life chances of children and young people in Waltham Forest.

The eight which are considered to have the greatest possible impact are:

  • increased take-up of the early years offer from those who need it most
  • pupil premium enrichment card - encouraging schools to invest their pupil premium in cultural activities for the most disadvantaged and ensuring the borough makes most of the Borough of Culture to support disadvantaged young people
  • good quality careers advice - starting at the end of primary school and continuing at regular intervals through secondary school 
  • opportunity bank - to promote meaningful local opportunities to support young people's access to crucial experience, work and further education


  • community mentors - tapping into the boroughs strong social capital by building a diverse programme of community mentors to support young people in thinking through their future options 
  • gold standard apprenticeship scheme - to tackle misconceptions and increase local uptake of apprenticeships
  • the university challenge - a programme of support to increase the number of young people from Waltham Forest achieving a place at the countries most selective universities
  • leading by example - the Council to become an exemplar of how to support young people to build their lives in the borough and how to actively engage and plan services with young people, local businesses and education providers.

Read the thirty recommendations in the full report.

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