Key dates in July 2021

Key events and national days aimed at education professionals in Waltham Forest. To be confirmed.

26 Jul - 6 Aug

East Summer School

Calling all 12-17-year olds in east London to sign up for our FREE unique, interactive and high-quality summer school. These face-to-face sessions range from one-off one-day workshops to week-long courses covering subjects as diverse as our incredible partners. From fashion to architecture and engineering to skateboarding and hip hop dancing, you can find a full breakdown of our programme and timetable on the link below.

30 June - 2 July

Engineering Summer School

Sessions will be led by Dr. Jaya Nepal, a Senior Lecturer in Civil and Structural Engineering and Professor Fawad Inam, an ex-Airbus employee, now a Professor of Mechanical Engineering. This Summer School challenge will be an exciting and dynamic introduction to key concepts in Civil and Commercial Engineering.
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5-7 July

Psychology Summer School

Challenge your critical thinking to discover what makes us who we are and how we behave. This year we will focus on psychological wellbeing, what is it, how can we improve it? You will gain research experience first-hand and discover more about your future in psychology today.

Apply for this Summer School Challenge to receive one of our exclusive psychology and wellbeing physical resource packs for free!

12-14 July

Media, film and journalism summer school

“Communication in the Creative Industries: What's the story?” 

This Summer School will introduce you to the various ways we think about the world and communicate with others by writing creatively or professionally. It will allow you to create an independent project exploring your own interests and your own story. What's the story? 
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19-21 July

Law and Justice Summer School

Our Law and Justice Summer School Challenge will introduce you to key concepts in law and justice. This event would be ideal for anyone who wants to build a future either in the legal profession or in the field of criminal justice.

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26-28 July

Bioscience and Chemistry Summer School

“How Bioscientists investigate (and help solve) clinical problems” - This summer school challenge will be held on campus subject to COVID-19 guidance.

Join our Bioscience Summer School Challenge to get different opportunities to discover the main diagnostic tests used to investigate diseases (including COVID-19), learn about research tools used by scientist to further understanding of how pathogens work, discussions about the efficacy of current COVID-19 vaccines, possible development of new (or re-purposing of existing) drugs, and designing altogether new drugs in order to deal with different variants of SARS-CoV-2.